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ZOMG THE SHOW IS ENDING.. *le sigh*.. its that time of year again..
by teelecki (teelecki)
at March 29th, 2007 (05:59 pm)
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ignore that.

its not ending unless we have word from the CW or anyone actually INVOLVED in the show.

the show has been doing good. we just posted about a web comic coming.. i mean cmon.

you really think we'd hear about the show ending.. convieniently right near the end of the season? no. we'd be hearing about it ages ago. Unless you know where these storys are coming from.. dont freak out. Unless you know for sure kripke, shiban, owstrof, or anyone else related to the show have said it.. dont believe it. funny how we dont hear anything about that durring the season? cmon. if the show was gonna end, we'd know a lot sooner then convieninetly 6 epiosdes to the finale. think about it.

its finale time.. people are freaking out.. horny fangirls are freaking out cos the show wont be on for a few months.

we'll live.

I delt with these emails last season too. I get it with smallville.. and I dont evn run a site for that show. I'm bettin heroes and jericho will get it too.

If anyone watched Jensen on Kimmel recently.. would know about the fanbase.. Kimmel kept mentioning all the "websites".. Kripke and the creators knows about this. they kow about the large fanbase.

theres even a fan gathering group starting soon. Jared tried to make it to a convention...

so dont believe every notice you get about the show ending.. unless you know the facts.. and when you know the facts of who this story originated from, then you can email us. otherwise we're not gonna post every petition out there..

its the same crap leakynews.com gets at the end of every HP movie.. that Emma or one of the trio, are leaving.

So just remember.. although we love the fact that you guys email us news, wich saves us a lot of time.. We dont want 50 emails about the show ending... unless you actually have facts..word from one of the makers.. and be ware of tabloids!

there are 6 episodes left.. so just beware of all the emails saying the guys might leave, or the show might end or something. find out the source, okie?

i just thought id warn you guys now.. dont always believe everything.. get the facts first

try this for proof.

take a peice of unofficial news.. "Superantural is ending!" and google it.
Nothing shows up.. unless its talk about the episode ending of the week..

take an official peice of news.."harry potter book 7 cover art" wich was released TODAY..
it shows up EVERYWHERE in google

not because its HP and "bigger" then SN.. because its official news.. that being said, the same effect would happen if SN was ending too.

and one more thing.. whenever a show ends, theres always a PRESS RELEASE explaining why.. so unless you see a PRESS RELEASE, wich includes one of the people involved, then dont believe it..

its just that time of year again, folks.


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